How To Save A Broken Marriage After Infidelity

Get Help to Save Your Marriage

save your marriageIf you have found yourself struck by the brutal hand if infidelity, you are probably heart broken. Do not throw the key to your heart away just yet, though. It is too early! You can find help to save a marriage.

If you are in the after the affair stage and you are finding yourself drained by unwanted images of your spouse and whomever they did the cheating with. Your mind has simply been captured by dirty images of the affair. It is very, very hard to break this thought process and expel these images because you do not know all of the details of the affair, and your mind is just filling in the gaps with details created by your very own imagination.

So, here are some tips that you can implement easily and effectively for the purpose of keeping your sanity during the healing phase.

1. Take those images and try to put them away somewhere, then try to manage the images by setting aside a few minutes of your day to let them out of the box. If they try to beat their way out of the box before you are ready to let them, push them aside by focussing on a happy image or any other thought that is unrelated. If you can manage the task of only dealing with these images when you are ready, you will have a better chance of deciphering what they mean.

2. Learning to focus on other areas of your life instead of just the sordid images of your spouse doing with another what they should have been doing with you is one of the steps toward surviving an affair.

Also, if you can understand that your marriage is like a ship and sometimes ships spring leaks which then need to be repaired, then you may understand that the option to rebuild your marriage is in fact a valid option.

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