How To Sell Gold For Cash

Sell Your Gold!

gold barsA lot of people wanting to make a bit of extra money have discovered you can sell gold for cash. There are many people who have gold lying around their home that they don’t use any more, and this jewelry can be used to make you some extra change.

There are a lot of shops both on and offline that will be willing to buy your old jewelry from you. Because gold is a precious material in it’s self, even if your jewels are broken you can still get cash for them. Many gold buyers actually melt the material down and use it to make new items.

So, if you have decided you want to sell some of your old going out gear, how do you go about doing this? Well first of all you need to find a place to sell your gold. As I mentioned before there are no shortage of places to do this, but I personally recommend going down the online route. This is because it is quick and easy, and they also tend to give you the best deals.

Once you have found a website that you decide to go through, the next step is to send them your gold. Most websites do this via air mail, as being an online shop they cannot meet every customer directly. You initially fill out a form with all your details, and if requested you then send the items you want to sell via recorded delivery. Fed Ex is often the recorded delivery site of choice for many of these gold selling websites.

Once your gold has been received and reviewed, a price is then sent to you and you can choose to sell your gold or keep it for longer.  Selling your gold for money can be a good way to monetize your old jewelry, so give it a go.

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