How to Use Bamboo in the Kitchen

Do You Like Bamboo?

bamboo shootsBamboo is a remarkable resource that can be used in a number of ways in the kitchen. Using bamboo is both good for your health and good for the environment. This post will look at the different ways bamboo can be used in the kitchen.

Firstly, bamboo shoots are a great source of nutrition. They can be added to a variety of dishes to add flavor and texture to food. Bamboo shoots taste great in Japanese and Chinese cuisine in particular.

The Japanese also use bamboo charcoal in a rice cooker to purify the water used for cooking rice. Another use of bamboo charcoal is in a deep fat pan. The bamboo charcoal makes the fried food crispier and improves the aroma. It also helps to keep the oil clean.

Bamboo charcoal can be left in sticks in the kitchen as natural air fresheners. The charcoal sucks all the unpleasant odors out of the air. It also emits far infrared rays that help improve the metabolism and promote cell growth. And when the bamboo charcoal is not needed any more it can be broken up and mixed in the soil in the garden as an organic fertilizer.

Another use for bamboo in the kitchen is to make useful equipment. Bamboo is hard, long lasting and antimicrobial so it is an ideal material from which to make such things as chopping boards, knife blocks, serving spoons, bowls and drawer organizers.

Buying bamboo kitchen utensils makes good environmental sense because bamboo is a renewable resource that not only grows very quickly but also thrives without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Since bamboo grows so quickly and easily it makes bamboo products for the kitchen very reasonably priced compared to hardwood products that are contributing to deforestation and climate change.

So do yourself, your family, your planet and your cooking a favor and start using bamboo in the kitchen.

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