How You Can Buy River Island Outside of the UK!

River Island Clothing

river island peep toesRiver Island is one of the hottest clothing brands in the United Kingdom today.  With everything from shoes, shirts, jeans, and accessories available for both men and women, the store has become sort of a one stop shop for anyone seeking to spruce up their closet.  With this in mind, it’s natural for the store to have followers outside of the UK and Ireland territories.

For fans in other parts of Europe and the Middle East, there are plenty of River Island boutiques for you to purchase your stuff in.  Stores can be located in Holland, Poland, Russia, Dubai, Riyadh and many more.  South East Asian fans can also purchase River Island through two stores in Singapore.  However, there are still plenty of other locations where River Island stores aren’t available, like the United States.

For these places, purchasing River Island products can only be done through friends in the UK who would either come over to their area or ship it there.  However, there is now an infinitely more convenient option for River Island fans outside the UK. River Island is most well known for their river island shoes and their dresses.

This option is direct online purchase through  The British brand, while also a competitor of River Island, has started to offer some of the brad’s products in their site along with worldwide shipping.  Now anyone anywhere can get their fill of River Island products.  However, always remember to compare prices with the official River Island website to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Asos offers standard and express delivery services with costs starting at $6 to the Americas, €6 to the rest of Europe, and £10.5 to the rest of the world for standard shipping and $12 to the Americas, €12 to the rest of Europe, and £20 to the rest of the world for express shipping.  With this in mind, you can now shop for River Island products online to your heart’s content.

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