Hypnosis Recordings That Work For Childbirth

Hypnotize Yourself!

Hypnosis for ChildbirthAmong the many natural methods of dealing with pain in childbirth, hypnosis is becoming more and more popular.  That’s probably because it is really effective for most women who use it, and that has even been shown in studies.  The great things about hypnosis are:

  • It’s safe.
  • Just about anyone can do it.
  • It’s healthy.
  • It works.

If you’re interested in trying out hypnosis for fear-resetting and pain reduction in childbirth, read on.

Free Hypnosis Downloads

There are actually a bunch of free hypnosis downloads available online.  For getting started with hypnosis, I highly suggest going to FearFreeBirth.com.  The cool thing about going there is that you get a free 10-15 minute free hypnosis/guided imagery mp3 download, plus access to a childbirth video series that includes a lot of great suggestions.   The other nice thing about it is that the recording is just long enough to give you a sense of deep relaxation, but short enough that you can fit it into your day.  If you really like it, you can progress on to longer tracks later.

Hypnosis Birthing Courses

There are several well known and effective birthing courses that use hypnosis as their foundation.  The nice thing about these is that you get an entire birthing education and several hypnosis CDs or downloads.

Hypnobabies is a great one.  This course sort of revolutionizes the way most women are birthing.  The basis of Hypnobabies is to undo fears about birth, and to empower women with their intrinsic abilities to birth safely, naturally, comfortably and easily. Hypnobabies offers live courses (where available), home studies, and for the purchase of individual recordings.  You get a full package of CDs, plus a workbook, scripts and more.

The Pink Kit is another hypnosis based childbirth education course.  This offers CDs for many different birthing situations, including first time mothers, birth partners, mothers wanting a vaginal birth after Caesarean and for birth professionals, to name a few.  The idea behind the Pink Kit, as with Hypnobabies, is to help women (and birth partners) build confidence about birth, by giving women and birth partners the skills they need to birth comfortably and safely.

Hypnobirthing, the Mongan Method, is presented in a series of five, two and half hour classes.  You get a 300+ page workbook, 5 class meetings, 2 CDs, scripts and more.

I think the principles behind all of these methods is fantastic: reduce fear about birth, build confidence and birth better.

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