Ideas for the Guest Bedroom

Make It More Memorable

Guest BedroomFor those that have a guest bedroom, yet never have any guest that come over, more than likely they are trying to figure out what they can do with this room to make it something that they are actually using. There is no point to have a room in your room that never gets used, especially when the majority of people are at the point in which their other rooms are busting at the seams with extra furniture and things in the room to accommodate their needs.

So what are some ideas that can turn your guest bedroom into something that you can use?

The first obvious choice is to turn this guest bedroom into an office. You will find that if you work from home and are able to do this that you can actually write this off your taxes at the end of the year since you do use some of your property for the purpose of business. However, there are other benefits as well. Consider the fact that you would have your own space in which you could actually get some work done and then be able to work undisturbed? This is something that you are not getting if your office is in your living room where everyone congregates.

Another idea is to turn this guest bedroom into a toy room for kids. You can make their play time much easier if you have a separate room because the kids are going to associate their bedrooms with sleep, which could make for easier bedtimes as well. Those that do this often find that if they use many storage techniques to organize the toys that they can make this toy room one that every kid in the neighborhood is going to love.

For those that have a husband, then turn this guest bedroom into the man cave. Allow him to have his room where he can go and relax on a couch or Intex air mattress and watch some television. You could even consider putting in a small fridge for when he has buddies over and they are locking themselves into the bedroom. This is going to give him time to relax and unwind, while also giving you some space to do your own thing as well.

Overall, there is no reason to have a guest bedroom that is not being used. With these ideas, and any more that you can think of you could turn the bedroom into something that you truly love and will be of use to you and your family.

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