How Would You Like Free Electricity For Life?
It may sound to good to be true but it’s a fact that thousands and thousands of people all around the world are producing their own free electricity using magnetic generators.

Even though you have to build it yourself, the amount of people actually building their own magnetic generator is growing every day as the word is starting to get out!

It’s not surprising really, considering how expensive electrical bills are right now. The truth is there has never been a better time to build your own magnetic generator.
Build Your Own Magnetic Generator
You can’t just head off to the shops and buy a magnetic generator though, you have to build one your self. That may sound like a difficult task but there are at least two big companies that are supplying their patented magnetic generator plans online for a pretty reasonable price.
When you’ve got your plans it’s up to you to find all the required parts and materials and then start constructing it. The cost of your magnetic electricity generator will depend on how big you actually build it. The cost of all the parts for a standard size generator should be well under $200. All of the parts required can easily be found at any good DIY store.

So do magnetic generators really produce free electricity? Well, a lot of people will tell you that it’s impossible. What these people don’t realize is that magnetic generators require a battery to operate. However, they produce 5 times more electricity than they consume so essentially that means you can produce free electricity.
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Can a magnetic electricity generator really power your whole home, is a commonly asked question. The answer is that a standard sized magnetic generator will reduce your your electricity bill by 40% – 50%.

You can also use the same magnetic generator plans to build a bigger version that will enable you to go totally off the grid! Most people build the standard sized generator first and then build a bigger version after they see how much electricity they are saving.

After the initial expense of the generator plans and equipment you will be able to save a fortune over your lifetime. As you can imagine, the major electricity companies around the world will never let them go on sale but they can’t stop you from building your own magnetic generator in your own home!
Can You Really Power a Whole House?
Hundreds of thousands of people are already using them and that figure is expected to be in the millions within the next few years.

The website that sells the plans regularly gets shut down and has to move to a new domain.
At the time of writing the plans are still available so go to this website before it gets taken down again!
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