Indoor Water Fountains For the Home

Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor Water FountainWhile garden fountains can only be enjoyed in fine weather, indoor water features offer pleasure day and night, year-round, come rain or shine.
Indoor water fountains are not limited to grand corporate or public buildings. Many designs are perfect for a home installation. Every size of home can benefit from indoor water features.

Although they are gaining rapidly in popularity, indoor water fountains for the home are still uncommon enough to be a talking point for visitors. A large variety of classical and modern designs, both small and large, means that indoor water features can fit into any style of home.

Indoor water features make for a an ever-changing work of art with the play of light on the moving water. However, indoor water fountains do not just satisfy our sense of the esthetic. They are also beneficial for our well being.

Indoor water features create a tranquil space in the home. To sit watching and listening to the water as it moves is a form of meditation. It relieves stress and acts as a mood enhancer.

Modern, centrally heated and air conditioned homes can be unhealthy due to the air within them being dry. This in turn dries out the skin and mucous membranes of the nose and throat. As a result, we feel discomfort and irritation. Symptoms of allergies and colds can be worse in an over-dry atmosphere. Many house plants do not do well in a centrally heated home.

Indoor water features provide the humidity needed for comfort. They help the skin to retain its moisture. A more humid atmosphere also helps to trap dust and cause it to settle, thus preventing respiratory irritation. Plants too are healthier and flourish when vital moisture is returned to the environment.

Indoor water fountains can be enjoyed on their own, whether as a small tabletop feature or as a larger wall-mounted or free-standing design. However, they are especially stunning when turned into a focal point of the room. This can be achieved by various types of lighting effects. Combining indoor water features with the lush foliage of a group of house plants of different sizes and types is a further way to maximize the impact and esthetic effect.

Indoor water features can provide an instant transformation of the look and feel of a room. With the many designs available and the large range of sizes and prices, the enjoyment and benefits of indoor water fountains are accessible to everyone.

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