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Regent Shower CaddyA regent shower caddy normally measures 24” in height; 11.5” width; and 5” in depth and designed to hang from a shower head. However, with the expanding market, the demand for the corner shower caddy has increased and hence you may find regent pole caddies also available in the market. The regent caddy is offered in several makes such as chrome, stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.

However, you will find more number of hanging caddies than the corner shower caddies. The price of the regent shower caddy is not too high and mostly falls around $100.00 only, which is worth and investment for decorating the bathroom without compromising on the utility factor. However, you will also find regent caddy worth $15.00.

There are certain aspects you ought to keep in mind when you buy a shower caddy. If you are particular about buying a low priced caddy, you may end up buying a very fragile one that would fall easily when you happen to hit is accidentally. In buying a regent shower caddy you can very sure of not having the fear or worry about the caddy falling, as these are quite strong and sturdy and the hanging caddies are supported by extra suction cups. These suction cups are additional supports that are provided at the bottom of the caddy for it to be without swaying or coming in your way while having a bathe.

Nevertheless, you must check twice before you buy a caddy for the size of the shelves, as it must fit your tall bottles comfortably. Else, you must look for a regent shower caddy with adjustable racks, as most of the earlier designs have less height of the lower shelf that cannot accommodate tall bottles.

The regent shower caddy however, could be one of the best choices you can make that does not pinch your pocket yet, provide you the best of utility and appeal.

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