Is Neem Really a Wonder Plant?

Yet Another Home Remedy Option

NeemNeem is being touted as a wonder plant and with good reason. Though it was virtually unknown to the West until the twentieth century, neem has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda in natural home remedies for close to five thousand years in India. Since its emergence as a possible super healer, neem has been the focus of hundreds of studies that have shown its effects on an incredible number of health concerns. Even better, it is extraordinarily safe. Sounds pretty wonderful, right?

Neem uses range from the minor — skin irritation — to the serious — malaria — and just about everything in between. Its ability to treat so many disorders is why it is known as the “village pharmacy” and “healer of all ailments.” It really isn’t hyperbole.

What makes neem so good? For starters, it has an extremely high level of antioxidants, which, as you know, play a big part in preventing cellular damage that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions, including the process of aging. You hear about eating blueberries to boost your antioxidant intake; well, neem has more than seven times the antioxidant levels of blueberries.

Neem has broad spectrum antiviral properties, as well being antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Some of the conditions neem benefits are asthma, arthritis, diabetes, periodontal disease, acid reflux, psoriasis, acne, eczema, sinusitis, ulcers and intestinal troubles.  Neem is a purifier and cleanser, eliminating toxins from the blood and body. Neem hair oil strengthens the keratin in the strands and can promote regrowth of lost hair. It is also a natural insecticide that repels a slew of bugs including mosquitoes and fleas and can safely be used on your, your pets and even your plants.

This wonder herb comes from an evergreen native to India called azadirachta indica. The neem tree also provides sustainable timber as it grows quickly and can survive loads of abuse from pests and drought. Even its flowers can be and are eaten in Indian and other Asian cuisine.

Neem is becoming more readily available and some health food stores carry neem soap, neem toothpaste, neem extracts and neem supplements. Neem oils should never be ingested, but your hair and skin will benefit from its use, either straight or diluted with another oil, such as jojoba or coconut, or added to your favorite creams and lotions. You can also found neem products online.

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