Jeep Compass Review

What Is Jeep Compass?

jeep-compassWhen most people picture a Jeep SUV, they think of a tough off-road vehicle that likes to get muddy alongside 4X4 diesel trucks for sale. However, the Jeep Compass is completely different. The design is not rugged or trail rated, and the vehicle does not even drive well on dirt. Instead, the Compass was designed primarily for budget SUV consumers who wanted a fuel efficient Jeep for driving around the city. The four wheel drive option is still available, but its off-road capabilities are not nearly as spectacular as a “true” Jeep SUV.

Despite its low price and attractive styling, the Jeep Compass faces high competition with other SUV models. It is currently offered in Limited or base form, with Limited providing extra features like an upgraded audio system, leather upholstery, automatic climate control, exterior chrome accents, a power driver seat, and bigger wheels. Optional highlights include upgraded speakers, Bluetooth voice command, and a USB. For a little extra money, customers can also get a navigation system and sunroof.

If you still want to take your Jeep Compass on off-road driving, consider getting the Freedom-Drive package, available for 4WD versions. This package will give the Compass hill descent/ascent capability and variable transmission. Additionally, you could by a set of cheap mud tires for Jeeps for taking the Compass on weekend off-road trips.

The base Compass includes a 2.0 liter engine with an insignificant 158 horsepower. Owners can increase output by upgrading to the 2.4 liter engine, but this only increases the horsepower to 172 and it is almost as loud and rough as the smaller engine. The Jeep Compass has minimal leg room and cargo space for loading a dog or stroller. There is only 22.7 cubic feet of backseat space, although the seats can be folded for 53.6 cubic feet of for freeing up extra storage area.

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