Kinect Dancing Games

Innovate your Moves

Kinect Dancing GamesXbox Kinect is the new gaming system that is taking over video game enthusiasts like a storm. If you were in sync with the happenings around the world for a year then you would surely know about this new concept of playing video games without controls. This system has the unique ability to capture your movements and voice and mimic it on the character you are playing. Your body is the controller and you don’t have to be tied to a chair to play. Amazing!

If you are passionate about dancing then you will definitely fall in love with Kinect dancing games. There are dancing games like Dance Masters and Dance Central that completely capture your body movement using the efficient sensor device in the Kinect system, while you dance. Controllers are not needed to enact the movements and the sensor does all the work of tracking the movements itself. Another feature added to this system is a game play that tutors you on the basic moves and techniques of dancing. To go with this, the system has an amazing variety of groovy music that you would love to jive with.

The other game, the Dance Masters is distinct because of its social integration theme of sharing. In this game, you can experience other user’s moves, poses, steps, and snapshots and share yours with them at the same time. This is the best part of this dancing game and this innovation has been introduced by the same brain that created Dance Revolution. This game apart from giving a great dancing experience also gives you opportunity to learn dancing moves from others.

The Xbox Kinect accessories have a wide array of games with outstanding features that you would not find in any other video game. Microsoft has taken video gaming to an entirely different level and it will take some imagination to surpass it.

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