KTM65SX Pro Circuit Review

Is It What You Are looking For?

KTM65SX Pro CircuitPro Circuit is famous throughout the world for their high quality mini bikes for sale. The KTM65SX is an excellent example of a mini bike by Pro Circuit that will provide numerous hours of great fun for riders who enjoy off-road biking. Pro Circuit invests the majority of their time and budget into the motorcycle’s design to make sure it runs and quickly and efficiently as possible.


The engine is the most impressive feature on the 65SX. Although this bike has excellent performance, Pro Circuit used a fairly simple design. Aside from using a basic mini bike engine, only a few head and cylinder adjustments were made to increase acceleration timing and top speed. A works Pipe was also installed, which allowed the bike’s horsepower to increase by a small amount. Although the number may not seem very noticeable, it can make a big difference when doing jumps or trying to go up inclines. The motor can also be programmed, allowing parents to reduce the speed of the bike when their children are riding it.


It will take a while to get used to the 65SX when riding on the track. It has the performance of many cheap mini dirt bikes, but it prefers to stay on the ground and avoid high jumps. This is excellent if you are beginner rider who doesn’t want to go flying in the air, but it can present a problem if you want to flips and spins mid-air.


To make the 65SX easier for beginners, Pro Circuit has added several new features. This bike works well in a racer’s hands, but it is just as easy to handle for rookies. The 65SX has numerous handling, grip, and engine modifications to make the bike easier to control for riders who are not used to driving dirt bikes.

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