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lego batmobileHarvey Dent is the district attorney of Gotham City and is among the closest allies of the Batman in his heroic attempt to clean the Gotham City streets of criminals and bad elements. However, Salvatore Vincent “The Boss” Maroni, who is one of the toughest gangsters in the streets of Gotham City and is one of the first enemies of the Batman, threw acid onto the face of Harvey Dent which severely disfigured half of his face.

More importantly, the attack left a lasting damage on the mental and emotional state of the former district attorney and this turned the once ally of the Dark Knight into the criminal mastermind Two-Face.

With a disfigured face and a scarred mental state, Two-Face uses his lucky charm coin as a tool to decide the fate of his victims. He would flip the coin and would act depending on the outcome of the coin flip. Two-Face is obsessed with the idea of chance and his attacks and crimes are heavily designed to showcase his diametric philosophy.

When Two-Faced met billionaire surgeon Dr. Thomas Elliot, he underwent surgery to restore his face. This process also restored his sanity and the Harvey Dent persona finally emerged and overcame the Two-Face persona. However, Dr. Thomas Elliot is actually the villain Hush who had an ulterior motive of manipulating Harvey Dent in his campaign against the Batman. However, with his regained sanity, Harvey Dent turned on Dr. Thomas Elliot and even saved the Batman’s life when he shot Hush into the Gotham River.

Harvey Dent would go on to take on the mantle of the protector of Gotham as a vigilante when the Batman went on hiatus only for the Two-Face persona to resurface when the Batman showed distrust after a series of murders implicated Harvey Dent and involved the M.O. of Two-Face. He went on to scar his face once more and assume the Two-face persona.

The Batman LEGO set The Batmobile: Two-Face’s Escape LEGO 7781 was released in 2006 that included the Batman, Two-Face, and The LEGO Joker Henchman figures. It also includes the Batmobile, a van of two-Face and a blockade.

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