Looking at the Best Chest Workout for Mass

The Best Chest Workout

big chestDeveloping an amazing chest is not easy. There is a lot of effort and deliberation that needs to go into the process. Also, the person working out will needs to clearly define his goals. Do you want mass, definition, or both? More than likely, you are probably interested in mass. Finding the best chest workout for mass will not be easy but there are some basic points you can consider which will increase the likelihood your mass workout delivers results.

First of all, the best chest workout for mass will put a lot of emphasis on the benchpress. This means you will need to perform benchpress workouts twice a week and hit the entirety of the chest. In other words, you will want to perform flat bench, incline bench, and decline bench benchpresses. You will also want to use dumbbells as well as barbells since dumbbells will allow for a greater range of motion on the descent.

Flyes and cable crossovers are not mass building exercises but they should be added to a chest workout as a fast way to build muscle in order to create symmetry. You do not want a massive chest that looks disproportioned.

Mass will require lifting a relatively heavy amount of weight for 10 to 12 repetitions and 3 to 5 sets. You do not want to lift weights that are too light because this would lead to a definition workout. You also do not want to lift weights that are too heavy because this could lead to injury or burnout. Again, you want to lift moderately heavy weights and hit the chest at least twice a week.

You could also add 50 to 100 pushups as part of your daily morning ritual as this would help support your chest building goals.

Ultimately, the best chest workout for mass is one that you stick with religiously. Consider this the best advice of all.

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