Looking For Cheap Electric Guitars?

Cheap Electric Guitars

electric guitarIf you’re on a mission to learn how to play the guitar, congratulations!  It’s a rewarding instrument to pick up, but it’s also extremely frustrating at times, and periods of great gains seem to be punctuated by long periods spent on skill plateaus as you learn.  This is a natural part of the process of learning how to play guitar; persistence is key.

If you’re planning to teach yourself guitar, it’s critical that you do a couple of things right.  First, while it’s easy to find cheap electric guitars, you need to make sure you find a solid-quality instrument.  You’re going to be spending a great deal of time with your new guitar hanging around your neck, so it should feel comfortable.  Your guitar is also an equal participant in your musical development, so it’s key that your new guitar not hamper your progress.  It’s a frustrating enough undertaking without a low-quality guitar fighting you at each step of the way.

With that in mind, here are some things to look for as you start guitar shopping.

  • The golden rule of guitar buying is this one:  never buy any instrument you haven’t first played.  Even if you get a reputable brand and a particular guitar style that you’re reasonably familiar with, you should play the exact instrument you’re going to take home with you.  Every guitar is a little bit different, and you need to become familiar with any idiosyncrasies.
  • Be sure to play every string at every fret on the neck in order to find out if your prospective guitar has any spots that don’t sound great.  Sometimes guitars have “dead spots” that don’t produce a solid tone.
  • While there are a bunch of stylish guitar straps around, your most important purchasing consideration should be comfort.  You won’t stick with your practice sessions for long if your guitar strap keeps digging into your neck.

These tips should make your guitar learning experience as smooth as possible.

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