Lux Products Heat Pump Thermostat Review

Looking For a New Heat Pump Thermostat?

The Lux Products HP2110 Smart Temp Programmable Heat Pump ThermostatThe Lux Products HP2110 Smart Temp Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat is a recommended device if you have a heat pump. In fact, it’s vital, if you have a heat pump in order to make sure that the auxiliary or emergency heat does not come on prematurely.

A common complaint that reviews of programmable thermostats often make is that such and such thermostat keeps activating the second stage of the heat pump and instead of reducing the heating bills is actually increasing them. One makeshift solution some homeowners have come up with is to disconnect the auxiliary heat from the thermostat.

This is not an ideal solution as sometimes auxiliary heat is needed. A much better remedy is to buy the Lux Products HP2110 Smart Temp for heat pumps. It is a programmable thermostat specifically designed to deal with this problem.

The Lux Products HP2110 is an accurate and reliable heat pump thermostat that not only avoids using the second stage of heating unless it is absolutely necessary but also has a swing control function that helps to keep a stable room temperature without employing emergency heat, again, unless it is necessary. Because of this, it is a recommended device for your heat pump.

The Lux Products HP2110 Smart Temp is a 5-1-1 thermostat. This means it has 1 program for weekdays, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. For each of the 3 programs there are 4 periods to set up. This level of flexibility is enough for most people to match the heating and cooling with their schedules to save money.

The thermostat has a large digital display with a backlight. It is easy to program and has other useful functions. These functions include a temporary hold and a vacation mode that let you make quick changes if your schedule changes.

So if you have a heat pump and you think your bills are too high then you should switch to the HP2110 Smart Temp to get the most out of your heat pump.

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