Maintain Healthy Hair with Castor Oil

Castor Oil = Healthy Hair

Castor OilIn alternative topical and oral medications, castor oil is probably one of the well-known products that have proven its effectiveness in solving different problems. The oil which is extracted from castor beans is usually from countries like India, Brazil and China. Our grandmothers may have used the oil for our sunburns and other skin abrasions when we were kids—and this just proves that this oil has been among the medical cabinet products that was always present in households before and today. Other topical uses of the oil are for acne treatment, arthritis, muscle pains, menstrual cramps, skin infections and haemorrhoids.

Aside from the mentioned topical uses for the oil, hair growth is also one of the notable benefits that can be gained from using it. There are many hair care products today that do not really care for the hair as much as natural and organic products like castor oil does. Aside from being a laxative for constipation, both men and women also use castor oil for their trivial hair problems. Let us look at the typical problems that can be solved through the use of the oil:

  • DRY HAIR—if you have dry to normal hair, you can use the oil to moisturize and condition it. It also helps if you use warm castor oil and wrap your hair with a towel to deeply condition it. Then again, if you just want extra conditioning for your hair, you can mix a teaspoon of the oil with your conditioner. A small amount is preferable to those who have normal hair to prevent grease from accumulating.
  • SPLIT ENDS—spilt ends are one of the most difficult problems to solve without any hair trimming so make sure to have your hair cut at least about an inch or two from its ends. You can use the oil before or after your hair trim. You can start by making your way from the ends to the scalp but use little amount of the oil because the hair can become too heavy.
  • HAIR LOSS—castor oil hair growth treatments are now becoming more and more popular due to relevant information that says that hair loss can be prevented and more hair follicles can develop so as to promote growth. If you apply the oil directly to the roots of the hair on the scalp, the hair can be stimulated to grow. Also, heated castor oil packs can promote growth and thickening of the hair for those who have more and more frequent hair fall.
  • EYEBROW and EYELASH GROWTH—the eyelashes and brows can also grow through regular use of castor oil. Just make sure to apply a small amount since the eyelash area is a sensitive part.

Unbelievable as it may seem, castor oil is very effective in many ways aside from treating digestive problems.

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