Make Way for New Balance 992

Retire the 991?

New Balance 992One of the big differences between the earlier generation 991 and the New Balance 992 is the wider width on the toe region.  Thus, for individuals with wider toes, the latest New Balance sensation is worth the switch.  Understandably, the 991 issue is hard to give up especially for daily runners who have grown accustomed to the fit for close to ten years or sometimes more.  However, there comes a time to retire a pair of runners as a gesture of goodwill for the excellent service it has provided through the years.

In addition, it may no longer be fashionable to stick to worn out shoes, no matter how reliable these have been.  The same technologies might be at play in both shoe versions, but there has been considerable improvement in say, ABZORB SBS or C-CAP.   Thus, the dedicated runner can be missing out on the additional comfort, safety and other protective features of mens New Balance 992 that could give him or her considerable advantage in the game.

No doubt, professional runners would realize such advantage faster than someone who is running as a hobby.  In addition, people with foot troubles may consider trying on a pair of New Balance 992.  Who knows, it might work better in many dimensions than a pair of orthotic shoes.  Until remedial or therapeutic shoemakers get better at the design game, it is far more fashionable to wear a pair of hard-core runners like New Balance 992.

There is nothing flashy about the pair’s new design.  Therefore, for ultra conservatives there is no need to be afraid to step into new fashion.  Moreover, the New Balance 992 is priced sensibly.  The going rate falls within the range of $60 to $150, which is not bad for rubber shoes that can last the individual more than a decade.  The New Balance 992 is especially recommended for flat-footed individuals what with the extravagant foot inserts that come as standard rather than extra.  For best results, these people should try the 992 at the footwear store.  Chances are they will not want to walk home without it.

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