Managing Your Room Space With Trundle Beds

Trundle Beds Will Save You Space

cheap trundle bedsIf you want to have a good space saving bed, consider buying a trundle bed. Trundle beds fit in any room like a normal bed but they have the added advantage of having an additional bed hidden under the main one. This extra bed can efficiently accommodate a friend or guest who unexpectedly stays over for the night. These beds are pretty convenient because they don’t take up much room and are perfect for when you have guests staying over.

Trundle Beds are Great for Kids Bedrooms

Adult trundle beds are really great, but how does a trundle bed work for a kid’s bedroom? First of all, these beds are safer then bunks, because there is no top bunk to fall off. Secondly, even if you have only one kid, the trundle bed can be used as a storage place. Thirdly, it is a good option to let your child to have friends to stay overnight without the headache of having no where to put them up. When you choose a trundle bed, try to get a good mattress for it; a good mattress will help your child to get a good nights sleep and have a fresh head in the morning. It’s all about having a comfortable sleeping, right?

Trundle Bed Types

While normal trundle beds have a smaller bed that can be pulled out to serve as a second bed, there is a type, where the trundle unit can be raised to the same level of the main bed. This makes the bed’s structure less sturdy, but much more convenient. You can use it as a full functional king or queen bed. This is ideal solution for couples who are short of space, or for kids who are afraid of sleeping alone. When you are buying this type of trundle bed make sure they are sturdy enough to serve you for a long time.

In case you need a really extreme saving of space, you can try trundle bunk beds. They can sleep three people using the space for only one bed. Trundle bunk beds are very popular for larger families.

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