Mens Wallet Brands

Choose the Best One for Your Man

Mens-Wallet-BrandsIf you are shopping for a wallet as a gift, there are literally hundreds of mens wallet brands competing for your attention. While it can be good idea to begin your wallet shopping journey by looking at popular brands, it makes sense to make your final selection based on an appreciation of the style of the gift receiver. Choosing a wallet that has personal significance as well as quality and elegance will make the best gift.

Regardless of styling or brand, it is a generally applicable rule that most men aren’t interested in complicated or bulky wallets. In general, a man will use his wallet for a few essential cards and currency and little else. As men often carry their wallet in a back pants pocket, a thick wallet can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. It can be easy to get distracted by bells and whistles, but generally a simple bi-fold or tri-fold design is the most appropriate choice.

That being said, choosing a well organized and efficiently designed mens wallet makes the most sense. It is possible to find slim designs that offer enough pockets for flexibility of use. Leather is the most common choice for mens wallets, but depending on the lifestyle and fashion sense of the intended gift receiver, nylon, plastic, or even stainless steel wallets offer interesting visual alternatives.

The differences between any given wallet brand can be quite subtle. In general wallets are not designed to be flashy. Instead, the difference is in the details and careful stitching or an embossed monogram can go a long way. The classiest wallets tend to be understated, though a great mens wallet will attract attention anyway.

Unless you are certain that your intended will appreciate a wild or flashy wallet, it makes sense to stay on the conservative side. This allows the wallet to remain a flexible accessory without dominating a man’s wardrobe. Remember that a good quality wallet will last for many years to come, so buying something that is not too loud will allow for changing styles and will suit any occasion.

Most men appreciate that the primary function of any billfold is to efficiently organize money and credit cards while standing up to daily abuse. Style is important, but should be secondary to practicality when making your choice. The most successful gifts will match these criteria while striking a note of personal significance with the user. This could be a subtle stitching style, a small illustrative detail, or a particular color. Scanning the popular brands is a great way to be begin your search, but the ultimate decision should be based on thoughtful consideration of personal taste as well as quality and craftsmanship.

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