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Make Money Selling E-books

ebookThe business of e-books is a steadily growing enterprise.  You can now find an e-book on virtually any topic that may cross your mind.  With the internet so easily accessible to more people, it is no longer necessary for a book to be produced in print for it to reach the world, so it is possible for this money making idea to bring in a profit mere days after being completed.  The key to being successful with this money making idea is to do your research and to avoid cutting corners.

When it comes to making money off of an e-book, you have choices.  You can either promote an e-book already in circulation – receiving a cut of the profits, or you can write your own, either way an e-book is a great way to make money online.  It is exceedingly more profitable to write your own.  If doing so would take some of the wind out of this money making idea for you, don’t worry.  There are freelance sites on which you can find and hire a ghostwriter to write the book for you.  After you’ve chosen a topic and had the e-book written, you have to create a mini-website to promote it.  This is basically a single paged site that consists of a long sales letter identifying the benefits offered by your e-book.  Take your time when writing this letter.  This is an important aspect in this money making idea as the letter is what will encourage its reader to make a purchase.  Make sure the headline is capable of captivating an audience.

Finally, we’ve gotten to the vital part of this money making idea:  making money!  You must set a price for your book.  You do not want to overprice the book because that will minimize the amount of sales that you receive, but you don’t want to set the price too low either.  Consumers tend to equate price with quality and you want to assure them that they are buying something worth having.  These type of money making ideas have the potential to grow into a lucrative business, as the ultimate goal is to write a series of books that will keep the money flowing.  Happy writing!

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