My Friend’s Experience With Email Marketing

Email Marketing

email marketingOne of my close friends put up a small furniture business here in Manila. The objective was to cater both to foreign and domestic markets, which was possible considering his manpower have worked for world-class furniture manufacturers in the country. However, my friend’s contacts were limited while the business was just starting so he searched for a way to increase the number of clients. He browsed thru the internet and found out about email marketing and email marketing programs. The business is now on its third year and is going strong. He exports furniture abroad, thus demonstrating the power of this marketing method.

So how did email marketing and building a mailing list work for him? According to my friend, this marketing strategy allowed him to promote his products here and abroad very rapidly and cost-effectively. Of course, he had to target the right people. It wasn’t also easy at first, he shares. There were some prospects who even suspected his email ad to be one of those unsolicited emails they get everyday. Spamming continues to be a major issue, and that was the biggest roadblock he had to break as far as marketing was concerned.

Targeting the right prospects involved creating an email that was relevant and interesting to his recipients. He realized that building up the number of buyers would be a gradual process so modifying his email ad time and again was also essential until it “gained the prospects’ trust and loyalty”. He also came up with an email newsletter incorporating his marketing messages, updates on his business and links to his furniture business’ website. He kept an eye on the effectiveness of his email marketing as well through the responses to his campaign to make sure the time and effort spent are worth it.

Email marketing is a practical and powerful method of promoting your business, he adds. One just has to familiarize himself with ways on how to keep his database of personal information secure and with the legalities of using email for promotion and marketing. It is one sure way to build strong relationships with your clients, acquire new customers and make a business become successful.

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