Natural Beauty Tips for Change

Stay Beautiful the Natural Way

Natural-Beauty-TipsMany of us crave change in our life, something different from the old routine, but why is it that  when we do bring about major changes, more often then not are we unsuccessful at achieving our goals despite wanting that change to happen.  Psychologists feel the reason for this is that the vision of how we perceive the change doesn’t actually dovetail with reality and things don’t pan out  according to plan, often leaving us wishing we’d had the foresight to assess the situation more carefully.

Before making any major changes in your life it is important to first get a taster of what your going to experience without burning all your bridges at once, by taking small steps you are building a support system to help smooth the transition.

The following natural beauty tips for change are about bringing your life into balance and recognizing the very essence of who you are, and only then is it possible to make complete changes.

  • Keep a journal, this helps to put your life into perspective, if you look back over your life its often the smallest changes that make the difference. Take small steps and change just 5% of your daily routine and reassess your goals every couple of weeks.
  • Let yourself off the hook, we can all be good at self criticism which only leads to dissatisfaction, creating conflict and blocking positivity.  Realize that you can only do things to the best of your ability and by making small changes each day you are moving nearer toward your goals.  Follow the 5% rule to help you move forward and take control of your life
  • Become good at negotiation compromising and giving way being flexible is important.
  • Paying compliments being kind and behaving a in a pleasant manner are all attitudes that will improve close relationships.   Gratitude is a powerful emotion that reflects your natural beauty the very essence of who you are its an emotion that is linked to optimism and feeling in control of a situation, helping to keep you focused and in control.

Most importantly make time for yourself and use this time to help organize and plan your life, set targets and introduce goal planning, having targets gives you structure so that you are better placed to reach your goals in the future which can help make way for change.

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