Now Your Children Can Play With Pretend Makeup

Kids Pretend Makeup For A Mess Free Home

Kids Pretend Makeup setIf you are motivated to look for kids pretend makeup for a mess- free home, then you have very likely had the experience that many of us have had. Your daughter, or granddaughter, has probably gotten into your makeup and made a significant mess. Am I right? Consequently, you find yourself looking for kids pretend makeup that will ensure that you don’t end up with a mess in your home. You have a few options.

First, you have the dollar store options which are usually cheap plastic trays with cheap plastic contents. Watch out, many times the colors are actually powders and you still end up with a mess to clean up. On top of that, the trays usually look more like a water color paint set than like an authentic makeup set. Consequently, this route though cheap, usually doesn’t keep the mess out of your house nor does it hold your little one’s interest for long. In our experience, they will be right back into your makeup making more messes for you . . . which you wanted to avoid in the first place so now your back in the search for kids pretend makeup for a mess-free home.

Another option is the painted wood option. In some boutiques, or specialized stores you might find shaped wood painted in a somewhat cartoon fashion to attempt to simulate makeup. While this definitely lowers the risk of a mess, it is so far from authentic that it also lowers the likelihood that your little one will play with it for any length of time. This puts you back into the same position once again.
What you are looking for is kids pretend makeup that looks and feels like real makeup enough to hold your child’s attention and will keep them out of your makeup. In other words, kids makeup for a mess-free home. There is such a find but you can only find it online. This type strikes the perfect balance between being pretend (fake) but looking and feeling real enough to the touch that it will meet your needs for a mess free home and the child’s needs for a fairly realistic pretend experience. You both win.

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