On And Off The Wall Bike Storage Solutions

A Better Way to Store Your Bike

bike storage racksIf you have a very active family with multiple bicycles you need both on and off the wall bicycle storage solutions. It’s not always practical to hang your bicycle up on a wall storage rack or bicycle hook. That is why a floor bike rack works perfectly for an active family. Just make sure that the bicycles are locked and secured when not in use. There are a lot of incredible bicycle storage solutions for the home ranging from floor models to pulley assisted ceiling bike storage rack.

There really is no best overall solution. It depends on the how much space that you have and also your own physical capabilities. A bicycle can be heavy and it’s not always easy for an adult or for a small child to hang up their bicycle. Thank goodness there is an option that will work for all your bicycle storage problems.

Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Rack
Let’s take a look at a ceiling mounted bicycle rack. I really like this type of storage rack because it uses a pulley system to hoist the bicycle up, keeping it completely out of your way. The bicycle pulley lift system is easy-to-use, keeps the bicycle off the floor, protects the bicycle from damage such as bumping into it, and is extremely safe because you reduce the risk of back injury by not having to lift it up. Another benefit that some users have found out just by accident is that many thieves do not know how to steal a bicycle that is connected to the pulley.

Solo Bike Hook
A solo bike lock is an ingenious and practical design. If gets your bicycle hanging vertically off the floor freeing up valuable floor space. Most solo bicycle storage hooks have a security hook that allows you to lock your bicycle to it. They are easy to install once you have located the wall stud. The drawback of this type of system is that it is limited to one or two bicycles. However, it’s perfect for small apartments, bedrooms, garages, and college dorm rooms.

Free Standing Bicycle Rack
These are the bicycle racks for families with multiple bicycles. While there are not secure, they work well in a garage as well as back yards. You can purchase models that hold anywhere from two bicycles–two dozen bicycles. Commercial models can be bolted into the concrete to make them secure.

Rooftop Bicycle Rack
Now that we’ve talked about storage solutions for the home, we may as well look at a few options for your vehicle. I tend to favor rooftop bicycle racks because it will keep the bicycle out of harms way from being rear-ended or backed into. Additionally, a roof mounted bicycle rack can be converted into a cargo carrier, kayak car top carriers, or winter skis and snowboards carrier. The other option for a vehicle is a rear mount bicycle carrier. This method is great because you do not have to lift the bicycles over the roof of the car.

I would suggest going to Amazon.com or REI to see all the bike storage rack solutions available. You can also get a REI coupon code to save on the perfect bike rack for your home.

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