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Spice Up Your Halloween Decorations!

halloweenI adore the Halloween holiday and each year I take the time to decorate the front porch for the occasion.  I like to choose kid friendly Halloween decorations that young trick-or-treaters can enjoy as they walk up to the door.  I usually choose fun decorations such as inflatable pumpkins and ghosts and colorful spider webs.  I also decorate with orange and black garland and outdoor Halloween lights.

Although I prefer to choose lighthearted decorations that appeal to younger children, many of my neighbors decorate to scare.  They choose spooky outdoor decorations for Halloween that delight older children and parents.  There are many fantastic scary Halloween decorations that will transform a friendly home into a creepy dungeon, sinister laboratory, frightening graveyard or scary witch’s lair.

Creating an outdoor graveyard is very easy to accomplish.  All you need to do is set up a few realistic looking tombstones along with some skeleton decorations.  For an even spookier atmosphere, you can set up a fog machine and play a Halloween CD.  There are many great Halloween CDs on the market that feature scary sound effects such as thunder storms, evil laughs, creaky doors and eerie footsteps.

If you have money to spend on pricier outdoor decorations for Halloween then you may want to consider buying animated characters or a haunted house.  Some people choose to turn their garage or shed into a haunted house for Halloween night.  Glow in the dark paint or bloody handprints can be placed on the interior walls of the haunted house structure.  You can also purchase a mad scientist lab kit, strobe light or fake body parts for your haunted house.  Before you head to your local store to purchase Halloween decorations, you should consider purchasing items online.  Online shoppers can save quite a bit of money on their Halloween purchases because the prices are often lower than the ones in retail stores.

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