Overcome Your Tennis Elbow Condition Fast

Tennis Elbow Treatment

tennis elbow treatmentThe process of curing tennis elbow is very simple but there are some things that a patient has to adhere to speed up the healing process and to make sure that the injured tendons heal right. First, you need to understand that tennis elbow is an injury that occurs on the lateral epicondyle tissues.

These are tissues located on the outer part of the elbow and they connect the muscles to the arm bone. The reason this injury is very debilitating and can take ages to heal is that the injured lateral epicondyle tissues are very strong fibrous tissues that suffer tiny micro-tears when the arm is overused or stressed. Treating tennis elbow can be very frustrating but if you use the right remedies, you will be able to overcome the injury and be able to use your arm and elbow normally again.

Since tennis elbow is a repetitive stress injury (RSI), the first thing you should do as soon as you notice the injury is to take a break and let the injured tendons recover by themselves. The recovery process is often very gradual but there are some steps that a patient can take to speed up the rate at which the recovery occurs. The most important thing though is that the injured elbow has to be rested completely and given room to self-heal.

As soon as the injury is noticed, the patient should apply a pack of ice on the injured region to make the arm more comfortable and to reduce or prevent any inflammation, pain and swelling that come with the injury.
Ensure that the arm is in a good healing position. You can protect it further by keeping the injured arm elevated and supported with an elbow support to minimize the chances of injuries that may result from accidental use, swinging and twisting the arm. Furthermore, it is recommended that a patient gets the best elbow tendonitis brace to protect the arm from the damages that may be caused by twisting.

Tennis elbow does not need to be so debilitating, taking action in good time is the best way to ensure that the injury does not get worse. There is no treatment you can just take and the injured tendons are healed permanently, this injury may take time to heal and a patient has to be patient while it recovers. If possible, they should take a leave of absence from active duty for some time until the doctor haves a look and determines that there is no risk of further injury.

Depending on the symptoms experienced, one may use painkillers and anti-inflammation medications to make the injury more bearable. Besides that, the patient should compress the injured elbow using a bandage or cloth to keep the tissues close together to facilitate healing. There are some exercises that can be incorporated in the healing process including massages and stretching exercises and later on weight and strength exercises when the elbow is almost or when it is completely healed.

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