Perfume Review: Paco Rabanne One Million for Men

The Scent of a Sexy Man

Paco Rabanne One Million for MenPaco Rabanne One Million for Men is from 2008 and is focused on the idea of a seducing man, a mix between elegant and rebel, worth 1 million in gold, which is also a recurrent metal in all Paco Rabanne’s creations. The bottle has the shape of a gold bar (like those in the old Western movies), and with the name of the perfume engraved with a old-fashioned font.

The official notes for this Paco Rabanne One Million are: mint, mandarin, cinnamon, rose extract, cardamom, amber and leather.

In the opening the fragrance has indefinite spicy fruity tones, with citrus notes mixed with herbs. In the middle phase, the aroma grows more defined: in the line of citrus, an aromatic orange stands out (similar to the one in Amor Amor for women by Cacharel), and the herbs show notes of basil. On a secondary level, there is cinnamon mixed with resin, amber and patchouli. In the base notes the perfume becomes a woody spicy water, fresh but intense, with a liqueur-like cinnamon and a dense amber. There is also a note of leather, but it’s far from the typical dense aroma of the 80s.

After a fruity opening this perfume becomes more loaded with amber and spicy notes but remains overall quite fresh. The fragrance is suitable for any time of the year, especially for the cold season, and in closed spaces. Although with a very different structure, it reminds of Ultrared, also by Paco Rabanne, but in this case it’s more serious and formal. In the office, it will feel professional and mature. Although it was admittedly designed as a seducing fragrance, it will have a good potential for a general night use rather than in a one-to-one first date. The ideal age to wear it starts at 25, and can go up to 55, with a better match with men over 30.

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