Plus Size Mother of the Groom Dress

How to Shop for One

Plus Size Mother of the Groom DressAs a newly appointed mother of the groom you are nervous, excited and a bit anxious.  As a plus size woman, you may be a bit apprehensive about going out to buy something to wear to the big event, but with some help, you will look great.  There are a few things that you should look for when buying a plus size mother of the groom dress.

First of all, you don’t need to buy a dress.  I went to a wedding of a good friend and co-worker and his mother is overweight.  Instead of wearing a plus size mother of the groom dress, she opted instead to wear a nice suit.  The ivory suit did wonders for her and she looked absolutely amazing.

Secondly, you should stay away from the bling.  As a larger woman, you don’t want to draw attention to your flaws.  The large rear and flabby arms should be covered.  By wearing ruffles, buckles, or too many sparkles, you could accentuate those areas that you want to be disguised.  This also goes with the color of your dress.  You want to look good without being flashy.  This means avoiding loud colors or patterns in your dress.

Lastly, try not to look better than the bride.  This is HER day. While you should want to look amazing, you don’t want everyone to draw their attention to you and not the bride.  While you don’t want to look better, you shouldn’t try to look worse either.  Simple designs are usually better and are easy to find when looking for a plus size mother of the groom dress.

Instead of shopping in the wedding section of a bridal store, try any online store or even your favorite anchor store at the mall.  Any dinner suit or evening dress will look just as fabulous on the day of the wedding.

Don’t forget to add some classy jewelry and a lovely smile.

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