Potential Safety Concerns with Steam Shower Units

How Safe is Your Shower?

steam shower unitsCompared to other types of shower designs, steam shower units come with a unique list of potential safety hazards. In fact, many of these potential dangers can be easily overlooked by homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom design. Other than slips and falls or the risk of being burned by hot water, showers are seen as safe household installations. The same assumption is often made about steam showers, but this is simply not the case.

Having your health evaluated is not essential when installing or using traditional walk in showers. However, this is an essential step prior to installing and using a steam unit in your home. The environment created when the steam option is operational can be potentially dangerous or even fatal for those who are elderly, pregnant or suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or other serious medical conditions. Safety risks are caused when the high temperature and high humidity environment strain a person’s body – primarily taxing the heart, circulatory system and blood pressure levels. A complete evaluation by a physician should check for these potential health problems, and other potential risks and complications should be discussed.

In addition to the potential health concerns associated with steam shower units, certain components can pose a risk as well. One of the greatest dangers is the increased probability of being burned during or after using the steam feature. Reaching temperatures higher than boiling water, the steam released from the heads or outlets can cause severe scalding and burning of the skin. Always avoid the outlets when this feature of the unit is in operation, and do not touch or clean them until they have cooled. The cooling process will take at least an hour, but doing so will prevent you from accidentally burning your skin.

During a bathroom renovation, many homeowners will be tempted to convert their existing installation to a more contemporary option. While a walk in shower is one appealing option, another equally tempting choice are steam shower units. However, before buying and installing one of these units it is important to consider all the potential safety risks. As long as all these concerns are kept in mind, a steam shower can be a safe option for a modern bathroom upgrade.

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