Pre-Owned or Pre-Construction Rockwell Condos?

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condo rockwellRockwell Makati condos are probably the best real estate properties in the Philippines which is probably the reason why lot of investors and end-users choose them over condos in other locations. From businessmen, expatriates, company executives to movie stars, most of them have a unit or two in Rockwell Makati. If you are thinking of buying a unit whether for your personal use or for re-sell, one of the things you should ask yourself is whether to get a pre-owned or a pre-construction unit. After reading this article, you’ll know more about them and I hope that this will help you make an informed decision for your future purchase.

Pre-Owned Condos

These are condo units that are owned by individuals who bought the condo unit before or during the construction of the condo building. They bought it at a cheaper price and may sell it either for profits or just for personal reasons such as when they have to leave the country and no one will take care or reside in the condo unit.  If you want to buy a pre-owned Rockwell condo, you’ll have to look for brokers who specialize in the area.  Make sure that the broker you’ll be dealing with is licensed and can be trusted.

Pre-Construction Condos

In this kind of transaction, you are pretty much buying an intangible item because the condominium isn’t existing yet physically. It’s either they are still on process of  building the condo or they’re just about to start building. In a typical Philippine setting, you’ll usually have to move in 2 years after completing the downpayment which you’ll be paying in a monthly basis. You can buy pre-construction condos at a much cheaper price compared to pre-owned condos.  Right now Rockwell Makati has one pre-selling condo – Edades Tower and Villas. If by and chance you don’t want it, just look for pre-selling Ayala condos.

Your choice will really depend on your purpose. If you are going to use it immediately, then it’s a no brainer, go for a pre-owned condo. On the other hand, just buy a pre-selling condo unit if you’re not going to need it yet or if you’re just buying it as a real estate investment.

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