Procedure for Grinding a Stump

Trying to Remove a Tree Stump? Find Out How

stump grindingAfter a tree has been cut down, it leaves an unsightly stump in the ground which is a pain to remove. Removing a tree stump is so challenging because the roots of the stump are very deep in the ground. The anchored stump can only be removed with the aid of a specialized tool known as a stump grinder. Stump grinders are powered by combustible engines and have grinding blades at the end. Users adjust the handle controls to move run the blade across the stump. The time it takes to remove a stump depends on the grinder size, user skill and size of the stump.

Stump grinders can be acquired from tool rental facilities for a decent price and used by consumers. Many tool sellers will take the time to explain how the grinder works. Even so, read the paper instructions carefully before proceeding in tree stump removal. A stump grinder can easily take off a foot.

After starting the machine, it is pushed up against one side of the stump. Users move the grinder side to side as they slowly proceed forward. In a short while the grinder will cut through the entire stump. The next step is to go over the stump one more time to create a large hole in the ground.

After this is done there will be quite a bit of bark and wood chips in the hole. Use a rake or broom to remove the chips before filling in the hole with dirt. If the stump resided on a lawn, topsoil can be added to the hole along with grass seed. In just a few weeks time, the lawn will grow and the stump’s presence will be nonexistent. When renting a stump grinder, be prepared to also rent a trailer to carry it on. The larger grinders would be very difficult to lift into a truck bed.

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