Protein Shake Recipes Made Easy For You

Can It Ever Taste Good?

Protein-Shake-RecipesLets face it, if you have ever had a protein shake I guarantee you haven’t sat there and said to your friend “ooh that was delicious”. The companies that make protein shakes do add flavourings, but to be honest I have only come across one that I could say I liked and even then that is out of perhaps 50 that I have tried in my lifetime.

If you want to make your protein shakes taste nice then you are going to have to become creative in the kitchen, I tried experimenting and made an awful batch of protein shake recipes but after a bit of practice I came up with quite a few I liked. What you are going to need is a good quality blender and some extra ingredients, mainly fruit so I would start with simple fruit such as Apples, banana’s and maybe even strawberries.

Use yogurt if you need to thicken the shakes up and ice to make them cool. Always use water as opposed to milk as milk takes longer to digest in the gut which means you don’t get the protein as quick as you should. Below is one I made myself and I love it as it kick starts my day before i go for an early morning workout.

Caffeine Blast

8oz water, 8oz coffee, 2 scoops of chocolate protein shake, 4 ice cubes, mix

This one really does give you the early morning hit that you need because of the caffeine, you can add as much or as little coffee as you like and it blends really well with the chocolate protein powder so it is quite nice to drink, that is if you like coffee. There are loads of different and easy protein shake recipes you can make you just have to go off and experiment with different ingredients, don’t be afraid to go wild and try something wacky as it could end up tasting really good. Now I’m off to try to find the best kegel exercises for men.

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