Providing Yourself With Comfort On a Long Trip to Kenya

Travelling to Kenya

kenyaKenya is a beautiful country with a lot to offer a prospective tourist. However, getting there from the United States will be a bit of a journey. There is a little bit more than a flight across the Atlantic involved. Kenya is on the African East coast, which places its shoreline on the Indian Ocean. Depending on your travel arrangements, there may one or two stops and air port layovers involved, and that is only if you are flying directly from an international airport in New York, Los Angeles, or Washington DC. Luggage takes on an even higher level of importance. You should pack at least two bags, and while cute luggage may satisfy your visual needs, you need two suitcases that are sturdy and durable.

In the larger suitcase, you should pack all the clothing you will need for your Kenya holidays. Since it is likely going to be very warm, packing a lot of simple summer clothes would be a very good idea. Your second piece of luggage will be your carry on. You will need all of your stand travel and comfort items, but you should also pack some clothing as well. You do not need to put your Kenya holiday clothes into your carry one. You should, however, pack a few extra pairs of socks, some extra underwear, and an extra shirt. This is a practicality.

Long trips can sometimes be unpleasant. You will not have the ability to bathe or shower while at international airports, and it gets worse if you face long layovers. Sometimes, these layovers can be part of your planned itinerary, but flights often become delayed or cancelled, stranding you at an airport. Having an extra set of undergarments will allow you to freshen up if you need to. So, save the boutique, cute luggage for shorter trips. Flights across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans need something a little more practical and spacious.

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