Quick and Easy Steps For Choosing Bedroom Window Curtains

window curtainSo you’ve decided to hang some new bedroom window curtains. That’s easy enough. Or so you thought. Of course, that was before you began looking for your curtains. Now you find yourself in a mass of curtain fabrics and designs. How will you choose? Just use the following tips, and you might just find the perfect curtains without getting overwhelmed.

1. Decide what direction you want to go, style-wise.

If your room is rather formal, you won’t want the same kind of window curtains as you would for a casual or modern room. For a casual room, keep the curtains short and simple while long window curtains, even to the point of draping onto the floor are great for a formal room.

2. Choose the Color

If you have bedding which you like, feel free to match your window curtains to your bedding, keeping a few things in mind. Don’t sweat, trying to match patterned bedding, or trying to match a solid color exactly. If your bedding is patterned, go with solid window curtains. If your bedding is solid colored, go with a pattern in your curtains. If you have a bedroom with a lot of color and design, then skip color in your window curtains. Neutral-colored curtains will allow your eyes to rest. If you don’t have any bedding in mind yet, you might try going online and searching for Waverly window curtains. As this company also sells coordinated bedding, if you purchase your bedding and curtains all at once, you don’t have to worry about matching one to the other.

3. Pick Your Fabric

This will depend upon what type of look you want. For a casual look, a crisp cotton or linen is great. For formal window curtains, silk or satin is wonderful. And don’t forget velvet! For a modern room, cotton and blends work well and for a romantic look, sheer material always looks good. Just remember that you will need to add blinds or additional material under the sheer material if you want privacy or light control. Voile is a good fabric for this type of window curtain.

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