Remarkable Audio Towers

Looking For a New Audio Tower?

audio towerWhat never fails to amaze guests is an impressive display of audio and video components in the house of the host. If you want your home theater to stand out, individual components have to be organized in some form of audio shelving. Some audio towers are more popular than others. Here is a list of the top-ranking audio towers based on sales figures from various electronics retailers.

•    First, we have the OmniMount Stellar Series AV Tower. This remarkable tower is able to hold large components because of its 50lb shelving capacity and 10-inch space between shelves. It has a tempered glass finish and appears elegant and contemporary.

•    Next on the list is the Sanus Systems AFA Accurate Furniture Audio Stand. Because of its durability, it can hold up to 100 pounds in its top shelf. Wires can be kept out of sight because the tower comes with its own wire management path. People love its classy and modern design.

•    Then we have the Tech Craft SF50 Sculpture Series Audio Stand, which is also a popular choice. It offers a lot of useful features including wire management, adjustable shelving and recessed casters. It also comes with a breathable back cloth to prevent the accumulation of moisture on your audio system.

•    The Bush Napa Entertainment Audio Tower Rack Cabinet stands out from the rest of the choices because of its unique design. Unlike other audio towers that have stacked panels without side walls, this type of audio tower is built like a cabinet. You can store your CDs, DVDs and extra wiring in the storage drawer that comes with it.

The advancement of technology has changed the way people listen to music. The younger generation usually downloads songs or listens to music via online streaming. You can’t find a lot of people who own a complete component system or those who prefer CDs. However, some people still prefer the traditional style of listening to music. If you’re one of them, you would know the importance of a good audio tower. It allows you to organize your components and CDs and keep everything in its place.

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