Russian Simulated Diamond Rings

What Do You Know About Diamond Rings?

diamond ringMost people do not know that there are several grades of cubic zirconia. While the controlled process can, at this point, tightly regulate the clarity and color of the gems, it cannot be perfect 100% of the time. This means the cubic zirconia is sorted, and valued, according to a grading chart.

Some of the top CZ rings on the market today are Russian simulated diamond rings. Russian simulated diamond rings come in several varieties and are the pick of simulated diamonds around the world. The Russian Brilliant is one example as is the Russian Star. These are all completely flawless simulated diamonds with the best color and clarity, which is usually 100%.

These stones are the top cubic zirconia stones on the market and still generally cost less than $1000 a carat. This is a far cry from the minimum of $5000 you will pay for a flawed, off color cloudy diamond. A diamond of the same quality will cost nearly $12000, or even more. A price break like that for a ring that actually looks better is a very attractive idea even if you are rich. Beyonce Knowles for instance has a cubic zirconia engagement ring copy of her multimillion dollar original.

The best way to find rings with Russian stones is to go online. There are many wholesalers online who will sell packages of several stones and you can have both a wedding ring set and beautiful pendant necklace or pendant earrings. There are many retail sites that sell entire rings in many styles. Many of these sites will also custom make rings for you. The savings can be huge if you take advantage of the cubic zirconia which is now available. But at the same time you do not have to give up the beauty of diamonds, or rubies or emerald for that matter.

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