Safe and Simple Home Remedies for Fleas

Keep Your Pets and Your Home Pest-Free

Home-Remedies-for-FleasHaving pets is a big responsibility and many pet owners do not realize the challenges they will face if their pet brings home fleas. Cats and dogs can get fleas from going outside or spending time with other pets that have fleas. Once a pet gets fleas and brings them into the house, the pests quickly multiply, biting the pets and people in the home.

Most people turn to harsh chemical flea killers in the hopes of ridding their home of fleas. Sprays and powders that contain dangerous chemicals can make both pets and people sick, so before someone purchases a chemical flea killer they may want to try out some of the effective home remedies for flea elimination.

Tea tree oil is a non-toxic solution that can be applied directly to pets with fleas. Pet owners can simply add the tea tree oil into their pet’s shampoo. The tea tree oil will kill the fleas on contact plus it also kills flea eggs. There are also a variety of pet shampoo brands that contain tea tree oil for those who want to prevent their pet from getting fleas. Tea tree shampoos are among the most popular home remedies for fleas on dogs.

Most cats do not like to have regular baths, so it can be much more difficult to use tea tree oil to kill the fleas on a cat. Some pet owners use a spray bottle to apply diluted tea tree oil to their cat’s fur. Although the tea tree spray bottle method is one of the effective home remedies for fleas on cats, cat owners should apply the solution carefully so that they do not frighten their pet.

People can also use tea tree oil to get rid of the fleas that live in the home. The oil should be mixed with water and applied to carpets, sofas and other areas of the home that are affected by fleas. The solution will kill both the fleas and flea eggs around the home. This is one of the most popular home remedies for fleas in the home because it is not harmful to pets or humans. It is also one of the most affordable home remedies for fleas in carpet. It does not damage carpeted areas and is safe for everyone in the home. This author also wrote about flea bites on humans.

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