Safer Facebook Log In with One-Time Passwords

Staying Safe on Facebook

facebook logoOne-time only passwords are a great way to protect your Facebook account from malicious people. When you log in to your account via a shared computer at say, a library, Internet cafe or hotel, you cannot know for sure how safe it is. Entering your user details in such an environment is risky.

To help protect your Facebook log in information, the network offers what is called a “one-time password” or OTP. It is a “disposable” password. You can use it only once and for a very limited time, and it cannot be reused. So if you were to log in to Facebook via an unsecured wireless network and somebody caught the password, it would be useless to them.

A one-time only password in Facebook is ideal for use in all computers and Internet connections where you feel it could be unsafe to enter your user details. Such places may include the office, school, library, anywhere there is a wifi hot spot, a laptop you borrow from a friend or even a shared home computer.

To learn how to get a Facebook one-time password:

  1. Send a text message with the phrase “otp” to 32665, which is Facebook’s mobile number for the password.
  2. Wait for Facebook to send you a password that is 8 characters long.
  3. Go to the Facebook home page.
  4. Log in with the temporary password within 20 minutes. After such time it will expire.

If you do not have a verified mobile phone number yet, you can still use your phone. Facebook will send you an email to confirm the mobile number. Then it will send you the one-time password. As in he steps given above, you can use that password just once.

Do not try to change your Facebook password into any one-time password you use. Because you have used it in a potentially unsafe environment, it is not safe to use. Use the single-use passwords only for use outside of your own computer and home.

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