Selecting A CD Label Printer

Printing Your Own CD Labels

cd label printerThere are many types of devices on the market that have been specifically manufactured to produce labels on compact disks, these can be very confusing for a first time buyer of a cd label printer and without the right information on what to select then a wrong purchase can be made. This type of device is costly and any errors in the choices made can prove fatal, those seeking to purchase such a printer will benefit from the following information.

Selecting a type of a cd label printer needs to be done with adequate information on the basic functionality of the various models of such a device even before other factors such as color and size can be considered. There are three basic models of this type of printer and these are categorized according to how they work although within each model there are even more models.

The first type of a cd labeling machine is that which uses adhesive to stick the printed labels onto the compact disks. This type of printer functions around a set of pre-cut labels and an applicator which is used to fix them in place. Here the designs that are constructed on the templates are then drawn on the labels using a special kind of printing ink and these are then placed on the surface of the compact disks.

With this kind of printer it is important to note that the adhesives are bound to peel off if they are not well placed and this adds on the task of ensuring that the right adhesive is used and that the labels are fixed permanently. Also with this kind of printer there can be cases where fast label printing results in wrong placing of the labels, this means that the process has to be done in much slower speeds. The use of the strong adhesive in this case can also cause damage to the contents of the compact disks.

Where there is the need to avoid the inconvenience of using adhesives then a cd label printer that makes labels directly on the compact disks can be used. Here there are two options; one is that of printing directly to the compact disk while the other is that of thermal printing. In the case of printing directly to the compact disk, the graphics or artwork used on the labels is not limited to text but in the case of thermal printing the ribbons used can only work with texts. The thermal option also has limited color options and together with the direct compact disk labeling, the cd label printer in each case can be very expensive.

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