Selling Luxury Walk In Showers

Luxury Walk In Showers

walk in showerAs a salesman you might find yourself asking, why on earth would anyone purchase luxury walk in showers when the job those things do can easily be done by a regular shower cubicle at literally a third of the price? Never ask these questions, because they simply betray your relative naivety and newness to the sales market. The answer to why people buy luxury items is this: because they wish to do so.

If that answer is too simplistic, consider jewelry. Jewelry does not have any functional use, and yet it is one of the most lucrative markets in the world today; people the world over feel compelled to both buy and sell jewelry, at the expense of actual more important things. This is not unique to any one country or civilization, as for as long as any form of society or civilization existed, so too has jewelry – and the lust for it. Luxury showers are just like bathroom jewelry – they don’t actually do any functional thing very well, at least, they do their job just as well as a regular and much cheaper shower. However, they look nice.

The bath shower combo is far more functional than any luxury design. Yet you will often find yourself stumped selling those rather than the luxury ones. It is simply human nature, you see, and understanding human nature is practically essential to being a good salesman at any level. If you cannot understand the urge to purchase things that have no functional value, at least accept it. With acceptance comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes the ability to sell more and more.

If you find you have become jaded and weary over time, do not worry. That is simply what most people would call “job experience”. A job in sales can often saturate your life with a dread and disgust of dealing with witless people day after day. This is where the supreme skill of being a salesman comes in – acting. If you cannot act like you enjoy the company of customers, then you have failed at sails. Succeed, however, and higher positions may well be open to you.

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