SEO Tools You Should Know About

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Marketing is all about monitoring and, as a digital marketing discipline, SEO lends itself perfectly to analysis. As SEO investment continues to rocket, the number of tools out there to help do SEO, and monitor effects, grows with it.

There are a huge amount of tools out there for anyone wanting to refine and direct their SEO and online marketing efforts, and many of them come free of charge. You are always advised to go out and research what’s best for you, but here are some of the essential tools to get started with. Listed below are some of the most efficient, easy-to-use SEO tools on the net. Master them and you will have a wealth of SEO information at your fingertips, and your potential to carry out effective SEO campaigns will be greatly enhanced.

Google AdWords Keywords Tool

An SEO tool designed to help you with your research into keywords, the search volume of each word or phrase, and the CPC price. With selections such as Broad or Phrase allowing you to vary your search, Google AdWords Keywords Tool is one of the most widely used SEO tools on the market. By entering your own URL you can find out which keywords have been entered to bring people to your website, showing you where you should focus your SEO and what pages you need to change.


Open Site Explorer

Registered users have access to over 1,000 backlinks per website and unlimited searches per day. Open Site Explorer produces a detailed report which includes page authority, domain authority, linking root domains and total number of links for each site submitted. So, whether you’re interested in checking the backlinks of other websites to look for new areas in which to produce content marketing, or if you’re checking your own website, open site explorer offers a detailed analysis into website domains.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses Multi-Channel Funnels to allow you to see how interactions across digital media create sales and conversions. By enabling you to understand where your consumer base comes from, Google Analytics allows you to see where you should invest in terms of what channels as well as what keywords and ad placements to use. The Google Analytics URL Builder allows you to add Google Analytics tags to links enabling you to track campaign and marketing initiatives.


SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox works by providing information under each organic search result, this can be customised by yourself and can show various data such as the age of the website, how many links, edu-links, gov-links, bloglines etc are on each domain. This allows you to see what SEO content has been places on various websites, or if a company requires more SEO content to boost its ranking.

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