Set up Your Own Home Karaoke Room

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karaokeSinging up a storm at your local karaoke bar to be a wonderful thing, but setting up your own karaoke room can be even more fun. In the privacy of your own home, you don’t have to worry about line ups or waiting for other people to sing. You have full control over how the night goes, and you can invite all your friends over for some wild and crazy times. You get to decide the overall song list and you don’t have to sit through total strangers hogging the stage. Even better, when everything is said and done, you’ll have all that great karaoke equipment that you can use to sing on your own. It might not be cheap, but setting up your own home karaoke room can be one of the most exciting things you ever do.

It’s important to have a good base to start off with when creating your own singing room. Some people choose to buy a simple karaoke machine and plugging into the wall, but these days there are so many more possibilities. If you have a pre-existing entertainment system, you should look for a karaoke system that you can incorporate into your pre-existing equipment. For example, a system like the Magic Sing ET-19K connects easily to your stereo and television. It has over 2000 songs built into the system already, and that means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of CDs. Everything is accessible from the handy remote control, and with the touch of a button you can get started with the action right away.

You can also find a system with a self-sustaining display such as the Singing Machine pedestal. This is a prime example of a self-sustaining machine that doesn’t need any other equipment. It comes with a display right on the center of the system itself, and it’s scroll the lyrics as you sing. To microphone docs make it easy to sing duets, and portable speakers allow you to adjust the sound anyway you like. The advantage to one of these machines is you can set up your own personal song station anywhere you like.

There are wonderful features to look for with current karaoke technology that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. For example, there are machines like the Memorex sing stand that allow you to connect your favorite iPod player to play downloaded songs. This is another way to forgo dealing with cumbersome karaoke CDs that can get expensive when you want to build up a library. For some people it’s a lot more effective to use songs they’ve already downloaded you, and it also offers the benefit of being able to sing real versions. Other machines on the market may offer video cameras, audio recording, ports for wireless TV headphones, or enhancements to improve your singing performance.

It’s important to think about how every piece of equipment blends together with your chosen karaoke machine, and don’t forget about the overall set up either. You want to room with great sound capabilities in addition to comfortable furniture for everyone to relax. You can also take things up a notch with the addition of frills like ambient lighting or even a disco ball. Setting up a minibar is never a bad idea either since drinks and karaoke go hand-in-hand. Every simple addition adds up to the overall picture, and the more thought you put into your singing room, the more fun your guests will have. Just be careful because if you set things up to perfectly, you will have a hard time getting your guests to ever leave.

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