Shopping For Beautiful Gold Ruby Earrings

Give Her What She Deserves

Gold-Ruby-EarringsShopping for THE perfect jewelry gift is easy. Skip the list and go shop for gold ruby earrings. They’re on the top 10 of every woman’s “to- have” list (if not the first). While diamonds may give you the sparkle and the shine, they won’t give you what rubies can. Unlike diamonds that are fairly common, rubies are beautiful and can give a sense of class and mystery to the wearer. They are often given as symbols of passion, strength and virility.

Rubies are great for any and every occasion. The deep rich red will compliment your skin tone no matter what the shade. They’re also attention grabbers to. Since diamonds are one too many, you have to have at least one carat of diamond to be noticed. This is not so for rubies. Rubies come in many shades like yellow, orange, purple and even blue. The redder the shade, the more prized they are. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other shades of ruby at bargained prices though.

Rubies are often mined with cracks and impurities. Most jewelers will have these less than perfect stones treated. Treating them will make them appear redder and richer thus making them look a lot more expensive than they really are. The best jewelry for me is earrings. It’s because they’re so visible. It doesn’t take a thousand dollar stone to draw one’s eyes to them. Find an earring that matches the shape of your face. As a general rule, round earrings go great for people with narrow faces and dangling earrings best goes with those with a fuller facial structure.

Have them set in yellow gold for that classy look. You can never go wrong with gold as their value increase by the year. They won’t fade or tarnish too. They’re very low maintenance for something so beautiful. Enjoy!

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