Short Love Poems to Light Her Up

Short Love Poems – Things to Know

love poemWriting poetry is only half as complex as it’s ever made out to be.  All the structural elements and unique poetic forms are not necessary to write a great love poem.  People have the most amount of success when they are not trying to write a poem, but rather are just pouring out their heart.  Here are some tips to get you focused the energy you need so you can write a short love poem for her.

What does your partner or wife love?  Really what is their love language?  Do they love when you take the garbage out, or when you let them know how amazing they are.  Maybe they love quality time with you.  It is important to notice what makes them happy and trust me when I say it could be totally different from what makes you happy.

What if this were your last chance?  If you only had this last moment to tell your wife of loved one how you felt how would you get it across.  You have to lay all your cards down, there is nowhere you can duck out, or retreat to.  Take this time to really offer your heart in your hands.

What things in life light your loved one up?  We all have the things that really get us going.  Think about what it is that does it for your wife or partner.  Which people, activities, places and things get her juices going.  If you can reflect back on these things you can find the essence of what affects her heart.  This is where you want to go right to the heart of the matter 😉

Okay enough reflecting now it is time for action.  If you are a good writer all ready you may not specifically need this exercise, but if not this is a really important part.  Record your voice, or speak your poem out loud.  When we write we often say things in a way that “we think they sound good”, but they are not really us.  If you record what you want to say verbally you will get it out much easier…then write it down to convert it into your perfect short love poem.

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