Shower Screens For Your Bathroom

Love Your New Shower Room

Shower ScreensThe shower screen is most often found in Europe and it functions like a shower curtain. Unlike the shower curtain that is made either of cloth, vinyl, or hemp, the screen is made of plastic, tempered glass, or a combination of the two. Shower screens are considered to me more efficient than shower curtains or shower doors because they don’t attract molds and mildew as much as shower curtains do and they are cheaper and easier to clean than shower doors.

Moreover, these are very durable and they give a look of class and fashion to your bathroom. The transparent shower screen in particular not only makes your bathroom look bigger, but it show shows off the beautiful tiles of your bathroom.

The most common type of these screens is the glass shower screen. The glass can either be opaque or totally transparent. They are usually mounted on the bathroom wall or at the bottom of the shower or tub. Perfect for corner shower stalls.

The next common type is the fold-out screen that can be retracted to the wall when it is not in use. An accordion would give you the best idea as to how the fold-out screen looks. This type of shower screen is run along a track at the bottom of the tub or shower. One great advantage of the fold-out screen is that it can add space to your bathroom because it is retractable. Fold-out screens come in a various shapes and designs and can have two or more folds. They are also made from plastic, glass, or a combination of the two, and most interestingly, they can be portable.

Shower screens have become the most sought after alternative to those difficult to clean shower doors and shower curtains. They are easy to obtain through online home improvement retailers or home improvement shops.

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