Side Effects and Benefits of Fish Oil

Should You Take It?

Fish-OilMany people in the present day are being more and more health conscious. Whether deciding on what food to eat or what beverages to drink, a lot of people today are being observant on how these foods will affect their bodies. With all the diseases that are coming out, many are starting to be aware on what to do and how to prevent certain diseases.

One of the most well liked and effective medium that helps prevent these diseases are supplements. However, from way back and up to this moment, there is one supplement that has been proved to be effective and provides a number of benefits. This supplement is called fish oil.

Fish oil is one of the old discoveries and a lot of people, including the scientists, attest to its effectiveness. It is said that the fish oil has many benefits in helping our body, thus making it one of the most popular supplement that can prevent and even cure diseases. The fish oil is also known as the Omega 3.

Fish oil or Omega 3 benefits include the reduction of heart disease incidents, weight loss, improve blood circulation, and helps cleanse your body, good for relieving anxiety and depression, increases sperm count, and heals different body diseases. Although it has lots of benefits, fish oil also has few bad side effects. Yes, fish oil can cleanse your body but fish oil also has its own downsides. The following are few of the common side effects when fish oil is taken in high doses or when taken more than 3 grams per day. If you take too much dosage of this fish oil, it can increase the bad LDL cholesterol in your body. Allergic reactions, people who are allergic to seafoods should be cautious when taking this supplement. Symptoms may increase for people with bipolar disorder. Taking high dosages may cause difficulty balancing sugar level for diabetic people. People who are taking high blood medications should be careful because taking too much fish oil can lower your blood pressure moreĀ  or can drop too low.

There are other fish oil benefits and side effects. This is why it is important to have your own research before taking this type of supplements. Remember to do a background check on brand, especially that there are a wide variety of fish oil supplements that are out in the market today.

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