Simple Additions To Enhance A Country Kitchen

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

country kitchenWhen looking for ways in which you can add to the authentic country feeling of a kitchen a few obvious things will cross your mind. The large range, rustic wooden cabinetry and a big kitchen table to complete the room. But there are a few small touches that can be added to the room that will add to the overall ambiance and give the feeling that you are in a genuine old-style country kitchen.

One of the daily chores that must take place on the farm each morning is the collection of eggs and the essential storage method for doing this is with a wire egg basket. These egg baskets are very simple affairs that may be shaped like a bucket or, for those who like to take the chicken basket theme literally, shaped like a chicken. When the eggs are collected the basket can be placed in the kitchen where a vintage wire egg basket will provide a handy decorative feature as well as making it convenient to access the eggs for cooking.

A large wooden chopping block is another perfect feature of a well appointed country kitchen. If there is room for a free standing block it would look very appropriate in the center of the room, otherwise one that is attached to the end of one of the benches would look just as effective. Preparing meals in a kitchen with a large chopping block would be a far simpler task and a great use of the space.

Overhead hanging space is another way to create a real country kitchen atmosphere. This may be the ideal way to store pots and pans, particularly if they are decorative and will add to the room’s atmosphere. This hanging area is also the perfect spot to hang herbs and flowers for drying and garlic and onions for storage. The presence of the fruits of the land on display in the kitchen adds to the country charm of the room.

There are many more ways in which the look and feel of the kitchen can be enhanced by the addition of simple old style implements.

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