Simple Electronics Projects for Kids

Get Your Kids Interested in Electronics

kids  electronic projectIs your child interested in electronics? If you are among the many parents that have children interested in such a great hobby then it’s very important that you encourage them. There are lots of simple electronics projects for kids that can keep them entertained and also further their interest in electronics. One of the most popular electronics projects and one of the most simple is making DIY solar panels.

Making home solar panels isn’t too difficult and is something that most kids will be able to do providing that they are interested in electronics. You will need to purchase some plans and some solar cells but that’s all. You can more or less use scrap parts for the rest.

As far as simple electronics projects for kids go, they don’t get much more fun than this. They actually get to produce their own electricity! It really can spark their imagination and also teach them about alternative energy. The best thing is seeing their faces though when they actually realize they can make electricity!

Even though there is some initial expense in buying the DIY solar plans and also the solar panels themselves, it is well worth it. You will more than likely get your money back when you have a few solar panels built because once you have a few it can make a real difference to your electricity bill.

One really good idea that I heard about was one family that got their son interested in solar power. He started making a small solar panel and then started to make some bigger ones. The parents decided to change the circuit for their son’s bedroom and let him produce all the energy he needed for his bedroom via his own solar DIY panels!

I really liked that idea, there are just so many benefits and lessons for the child, plus they are having fun and can tell all their friends that they are producing all the electricity for their bedroom!

The beauty of making solar panels is that you can start small and gradually get bigger. You could make a small solar panel that would produce enough electricity to pay for making the next one and so on.

Saving money is great, but the main point is to find a simple electonics project for kids. I really don’t think there are any other simple electronic projects for kids that are as simple, fun and rewarding as building home solar panels.

For your kids to start making their own DIY solar panels you will need to get them some simple blueprints. There are a few to choose from but after trying some out myself, I found a set that were very easy to follow.

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